We are a body of baptized believers, associated for worship, service and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. In obedience to the Lord’s command to go and make disciples of all men, People’s Baptist Church was born out of a Home Bible Study in Sta Cruz, Manila and Malinta, Valenzuela areas conducted between 1978 and 1979.

The grace of God at work in this body of believers was evident when the first Worship Service was held on Easter Sunday, April 1979. The seed sown in fertile soil, begun to sprout and God’s wondrous grace was experienced.

Today, we can look back from a wide open and magnificent ministry that the Lord has prepared and entrusted to us. With faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God, People's Baptist Church is growing steadily with about 33 extension churches planted around the country, as well as in Milan, Italy.

Our church have been existing in this community with the purpose of rebuilding shattered lives, repairing damaged emotion and restoring broken relationship through our Lord Jesus Christ. It minister through Evangelistic Crusades, Revival Meetings, Bible Conference, Medical Mission, Bible studies, Youth Camps, Bible Institute and Seminars, which proclaim salvation only in Christ Jesus.