Dr. Boanerge “Boaner” Andaya D.D., Th.D.
Missionary Pastor, People's Baptist Church
















Pastor Boaner was born in Tondo, Manila. He has been married to his wife, Linda for 52 years. They have been bless with three children: Michelle, Michael and Jeremi Jireh. They all graduated with bachelor degree in Theology and all serving the Lord. 

He was saved on October 1969 and baptized by immersion at Metropolitan Baptist Church on December 1969. 
Ordained in the gospel ministry on 1983.

He was sent out by Hillcrest Baptist Church in Ricmond, Indiana, USA by Dr. Frank Holman from 1979 to 1986.  And from 1987 to present by Word for the World Baptist Ministries of Georgia, USA.

He has fourty eight years (48) in the ministry: preaching the Gospel, soul winning, church planting, discipleship, youth evangelism, and evangelistic crusades. 

Current Position and Ministries:

  • President & Founder of Independent Fundamental Baptist Association of the Philippines Inc.
  • President & Founder of People’s School of Bible
  • President Emeritus of Valenzuela Christian Ministerial Association for Social Concern
  • Chairman of Filipino Independent Pastors Association Inc.
  • Board Member of Bible Believers League for Morality and Democracy, Inc. (Bible Mode)
  • Board Member of Valenzuela City Peace and Order Council
  • Board of Advisor of Alliance of Baptist Council, Inc.
  • Board Member & General Secretary of “Sagot Kita Bayan” movement for good governance & anti-corruption
  • Chairman of Leader's Empowerment and Prayer (LEAP)
  • Board Member of Believers League for Morality and Democracy
  • Vice-President of Meralco Village Homeowners Association